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KPW Play Reading, January 2024: Super Cyber Battle Rangers by Nathan Mensah and Andy Sterneman

Monday, January 15, 2024

7pm - 9pm EST

Join Kentucky Playwrights Workshop for our bi-monthly free Zoom reading series. This month we will feature Super Cyber Battle Rangers, A Musical by Nathan Mensah and Andy Sterneman.

A group of washed-up actors who used to star in a ‘90s action tv show try to adapt to life as nobodies while feeling nostalgic for the past. Until one day when they get called to suit up once more, but this time for real.

RED - Adam Carter
BLACK - Fred Tacon
YELLOW - Mollie Bates
PINK - Suz Fleming-Smith
BLUE - Mark Culp
MAYOR - Ivory Mazur
BIG BAD #1 - Bert Bathiany
BIG BAD #2 - Henry Farsing
FAMOUS ACTOR - Jerry Wiesenhahn
BLUE'S WIFE - Rusty Lacy
TECH GUY - Michael Cochran
NEWSCASTER - Laura Petracco
BLUE'S SON - Parker Culp
ATTENDEE #2 and PASSERBY #2 - Rebecca Coots
PASSERBY #3 - Teri Foltz (or Judy Sceifres)

Our talent actors will read the scenes, and prerecorded songs will be played by the authors.

Join via Zoom:


The evening will be moderated by Teri Foltz.


Feedback is an important part of the play development process. We invite you to listen to the reading, and then participate in a feedback session to provide your thoughts to the playwrights.

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