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July 2022 free Zoom Play Reading Series:
Four Short Plays by Kentucky Playwrights

Monday, July 11, 2022

7pm - 9pm EST

Join Kentucky Playwrights Workshop for our monthly free Zoom reading series. This month we will feature four short plays by Kentucky playwrights. They include:

HANGING BY A THREAD by Stephanie Porter
John Ciccone- Fred Tacon
Mrs. Cooper- Colette Noel Thomas
EMT/Ambulance Driver/Woman from the Crowd- Meredith Strayhorn
Mr. Cooper- Josh Flowers

ASTRONAUT by Mike Meadors
Conner- Fred Tacon

KIN UNDER THE SKIN by Cisco Montgomery
Nyeemah- Meredith Strayhorn
Priscilla- Elizabeth Tankersly
Judge- Angela Klocke
Bailiff- Derek Snow

PARALLEL LIVES by Rose Vanden Eynden
Kate Foster- Colette Noel Thomas
Eden Wright- Elizabeth Tankersly

Join via Zoom:


The evening will be moderated by Teri Foltz. Feedback is an important part of the play development process. We invite you to listen to the readings, and then participate in a brief feedback session after each play to provide your thoughts to the playwrights.